Stem is an industry changing approach to how clothing is made. Our novel zero-waste woven textile system eliminates garment production waste. A Stem garment is made from recycled natural fibres and produced using our unique weaving, cutting and sewing technique.

To counteract our throw-away culture and to ensure that each garment is valued, we share each garment’s production story. We reconnect the wearer with the craft of creating beautiful clothing by displaying Stem garments in the context of their fabrics. Our pre-order (and limited stock) retail model disrupts the current cycle of overproduction and encourages mindful purchasing of pieces made to be worn and loved. 

Stem’s philosophy: Produce better, produce less – buy better, buy less.

Stem founder and textile designer Sarah Brunnhuber’s journey started at Design Academy Eindhoven, where she worked on new ways of weaving garments. Sarah has since developed Stem’s method, with the journey of innovation taking her from the academy’s labs to workshops in London, via creative hub Lottozero, located in Prato, Italy, to finally settle and establish Stem in Copenhagen. Striving to achieve industry-wide change, the Stem team is continuously reflecting on and improving its production system and day-to-day operations.


Every Stem garment is fully biodegradable. All materials are carefully chosen. We use 100% natural fibres, including recycled cotton (strengthening the yarn by blending it with 50% virgin cotton) and Tencel™ Lyocell thread made from eucalyptus pulp. Our trimmings (zips, buttons) are all second hand, deadstock or biodegradable.
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With Stem, ‘form follows technique’. We approach fashion through production, and our technique guides the visual language of each Stem garment: our signature asymmetrical fringes are a direct result of loosely-woven areas connecting the pattern pieces. Stem creates seasonless garments, allowing our customers to build a signature wardrobe over time.


The Stem production system is made up of 3 key components:

(1) Our weaving technique that combines pattern pieces woven directly on the loom with our characteristic loose-weave structure;

(2) Our cutting technique, which utilises the entire fabric and so eliminates the industry-standard 15-25% off-cut waste;

(3) Our sewing technique that creates our signature fringing — an aesthetic rem(a)inder of our fully transparent production story. 
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Stem pieces are displayed in the context of their fabrics, conveying an instant understanding of the garment’s construction and its transformation process. In order to eliminate overproduction, we will collect orders during defined pre-order windows. This will allow us to produce only what has been sold. Production time will take 6-8 weeks and we will keep you updated each step of the way.


In addition to producing Stem original pieces, Stem operates as a creative collaborative studio. As a shared system between Stem and collaborating designers, it enables them to experiment and create bespoke fabrics using Stem’s alternative production sy-stem.We would love to collaborate with other brands/designers and retailers who share our values on changing the fashion industry through responsible material choices, our zero-waste production sy-stem and the pre-order retail model. 
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(1) Stem - A holistic approach

Stem’s zero-waste woven textile system questions and redefines every step of the current system: from the very start of the design process, through the supply chain and production to packaging and retail models, minimising waste along the way. This holistic approach extends to the way we operate as a business on a day-to-day basis. 

(2) Stem - Craft Focus

Stem merges digital and analogue processes, bringing together technological innovation and artisanal craftsmanship. We take our digital design into the automated weaving process. Once the fabrics arrive in our studio in Denmark, we apply our unique manual cutting technique followed by the final sewing step that ensures the fringes are beautiful and durable. 

(3) Stem - Timeless Design

Stem envisions building a signature wardrobe, leaving behind the ever-changing fashion model based on seasons and trends, launching editions throughout the year independent of the fashion calendar. 

(4) Stem - Collaboration 

Stem design collaborations aim to explore the endless opportunities of the Stem technique, applying it to different expressions and materials. 

(5) Stem - Raw Materials

Stem uses responsibly sourced raw materials, aiming to produce fully biodegradable garments using recycled yarn where possible. Our trimmings are dead-stock, second-hand, or biodegradable. 

(6) Stem - Communicating the production process

Stem garments are displayed in the context of their fabrics in order to: 1) Increase transparency of the production process; 2) Visually engage customers with craft behind the garment; 3) Create a deeper appreciation and understanding of our garments. 

(7) Stem - Constant improvement

Stem will continue to reflect and improve as we gain a deeper understanding of our production system through continuous experimentation and feedback from our collaborators and customers. 

Thank you to:

Innovationsfonden DK
Statens Kunstfond
EU COSME funding

Everyone that has helped this project along the way!

Stem’s production system is protected through Intellectual Property Rights