GANNI x Stem

Jacket, Trouser, Dress launched on 7th June 2022. GANNI x Stem garments have been produced using Stem's zero-waste production technique.

Garment Information:

- Fabric: 100% biological cotton, made of GOTS certified yarns. Cotton grown and spun in Turkey. Warp coated using waste from the food industry. Woven in Prato, Italy. Chemical-free finishing in Prato, Italy.

- Thread: 100% Tencel Lyocell thread made using eucalyptus pulp. Fibres from

Austria. Spun in Egypt. Dyed in Portugal.

- Buttons: Screw buttons to simplify the recyclability process. Produced in Turkey.

- Cut and Sewn: In Trofa, Portugal, by Amelia, Lurdes, Zeza, Adelaide, Alexandrina, Inês, Rosário, Ana, Paula, Maria dos Anjos, Graça, Susana, Sofia, Jens Ole, Sarah.

Garment Care : Spot clean and eco-dry clean.

How we use anything that we have to cut off :

- Scrap Yarn Tag (Attached to pouch): Made of any yarn or thread lost during the cutting and sewing process. Can be used as a patch to repair the garment.

- Pouch: Each garment is woven one at a time. In between each piece, 10cm of plain denim twill is woven to regulate the loom. We have saved this fabric and cut it into a small pouch for you to use.

- Ribbon: The border of the fabric, known as the selvedge gives the fabric a clean edge. This is removed during the garment cutting process. We hope you keep this and, for example, use it as a belt or to wrap the next gift you give.

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Photography: Tine Bek