Edition 1 Scarf - Green
500 DKK

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Edition 1 square scarf in green Approx. 49cm x 49cm

Materials and Production

Fabric: Woven in Prato, Italy. 100% Cotton. Chemical free finishing. 50% recycled cotton. Pre-consumer textile waste collected in Bangladesh. Shredded in Italy. Spun in Italy. 50% Virgin cotton. Farmed in Mali/Camerun. Spun in Italy.Dyed in Italy.

Thread: 100% Tencel ™ Lyocell thread made from eucalyptus pulp. Fibres from Austria. Spun in Egypt. Dyed in Portugal.

Size Guide


Approx. 49cm x 49cm

Garment Care

Hand wash in warm water, iron on max. heat setting.

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